Free Download Facetime for Windows 7/8/XP

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Apps are flooding the smartphone ecosystem but regrettably, most of them cannot be downloaded on your home PC. Now that’s really unfair for people who don’t use a smartphone, or who need the same apps to do work on their computer. To make your job easier, here’s a guide showing you how to download Facetime on your PC

Firstly, what is Facetime?

Facetime is essentially an app made exclusively for Mac and iOS devices. It comes pre-installed in all Apple devices and is a free video calling app which connects Apple users using the W-LAN network. It can take calls in the absence of Internet, used to make conference calls and provides high definition video calling to make it very popular among Apple users.

However, since the Apple trademark app cannot run on Windows, Android or other OS, users of these are sometimes left out of the loop. So people have been trying to develop Facetime compatible with Windows, and hey presto! They have succeeded. This is the guide as to how to download Facetime.

To use Facetime you will need:

  • Windows XP/7/8/10
  • A 1 GH single core CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Web camera
  • Headset and Microphone
  • Smooth internet connection

Step 1: Download BlueStacks app


Bluestacks is an Android emulator. Emulator is an app that helps to run other apps. It is an Android app player that replicates the Android ecosystem for your PC so that Android apps may run on it. You can easily download it on your PC by going to this link. Bluestacks 2 is now available with an offline installer and faster, better emulation processes. This will be very useful not just for Facetime, but also any other Google app that you might want to run on your PC.

Step 2: Install BlueStacks app


Install BlueStack on to your computer using the usual set-up process involving the setup wizard.

Step 3: Find Facetime on the Google App store


You can search for Facetime APK on the Google app store by signing in to Google Play. Alternatively, an easier method would be to open Bluestacks app on your computer and use the search button of the Bluestacks app. Type in Bluestacks in the search bar and then click on “Search Play for Facetime.” BlueStack will do your app searching for you.

Step 4: Download Free Facetime video call


You will find a number of Android apps for video calling, like Skype, JustTalk, Facetime etc. Click on Free Facetime Video Call option. A page will open with the Install Facetime option. Click on it and wait as the app downloads on to your PC.

Step 5: Use Facetime for pc


Go back to the BlueStacks homepage and click on All Apps. You will find the Facetime video app there. Sign in and enjoy calling friends, family, colleagues and so on.

Note that Facetime is not officially an Android app. It is trademarked to Apple and so far they do not allow Android users to access the original Facetime. However, developers have created a simulated version of Facetime for Windows and Android, which can be used to inter-communicate between Mac, iOS, Android and Windows devices. Apple isn’t really bothered about these simulated apps, so you can use it with no qualms whatsoever.

Using Facetime on pc

Facetime can work on any device, from PCs to Smartphones to tabs etc. If you’re dialing a user with Facetime on a phone, you have to log in the phone number. For tabs and PCs, the e-mail address is required. One e-mail address can be used across multiple devices to ensure you don’t have to cut the call when you move out of the house. If you were talking on your PC, you can just switch the call to your phone or tab.

What’s special about Facetime?

So, why should you download Facetime? What makes it so special above Skype, Viber, Yahoo Messenger, Tango and so on? Here are a few features that make Facetime an essential app for all video callers:

HD calling

High definition video calls are a rarity in any app. Even if you have a terrible webcam, Facetime will doctor the images to make sure the other party receives a clear image.

Mute option

You can select whether to be seen while being heard, whether to be seen but not heard, whether to hear the caller but not see him/her. These multiple options make Facetime an efficient product.

Easy to use interface

Facetime has one of the most friendly and non-cluttery UIs ever. The multiple options are easy to select and manage, making it a very versatile app.

Conference calling

Unlike other video apps, Facetime supports conference calls, where you can merge up to 5 callers. This feature is available only on audio call however Apple has announced that video conference calls will be available soon.

Speed and effect

Most video calling apps cannot take more than one-on-one calling and then too suffer from call drops and call cuts, especially if the internet connection of either caller is slightly slow. This is because in these calling apps the calls are routed through Google servers who have to process millions of calls all over the world. In contrast, Facetime routes the calls through Apple servers which take in less calls. Thus, even with a slow internet connection, it is possible to have a smooth calling experience without frequent call cuts.